And So It Goes…#451

Peter Hitchens , columnist on the Mail on Sunday ,is in my view the greatest living British journalist.

All of his weekly columns and indeed his blogs are a treasure trove of reason,common sense, inviolable integrity and cogent analyses. I’ve gleaned this excerpt from his most recent ,March 23 ,piece on Russia and the Ukrainian Crisis ;

” Yet the silly, half-educated politicians of today still like  to pose as tough guys with the following formula, addressed to anyone who suggests that Russia might have a case over Ukraine and Crimea.

It goes: ‘Putin is Hitler. You are Neville Chamberlain. I  am Winston Churchill – hear me roar.’

Apart from knowing nothing about European history, and apart from their bone-headed inability to distinguish Christian Russia from the communist USSR, these people also don’t understand what is going on in Ukraine.

It never occurs to them that Russia has good historical reasons to fear its neighbours. It never crosses their mind that the borders drawn by the victorious West in 1992, like  those drawn at Versailles in 1919, are an unsustainable, unjust mistake.

They never ask why Britain (or the USA) should be hostile to Russia, or what the quarrel between us actually is. What  is it to us whose flag flies over Sevastopol? Yet it matters greatly to those who live there.

They cast every Russian action as evil, and every Ukrainian action as saintly. The world is not like that. ”


So ,before the bombs begin to fall and we all are condemned to a night of unimaginable darkeness,let’s just consider and evaluate all those damn son-of -bitches in the US government ,in NATO and the European Union and their all of THEIR lies and misinformation.





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