And So It Goes…#453

April the First. April Fool’s Day. It is something of a popular cultural tradition for news gathering organisations to print or broadcast what might be considered as  ” light hearted ” and pretty obvious spoof items. The only trouble with applying those once generally accepted and understood norms to our contemporary Corporate Media,is that the necessary and requisite popular consensus of acceptance,which .perhaps once did actually exist and prevail ,does so no longer. Why concoct some meritricious ” spoof ” when the actualite itself is no longer accepted nor believed ? Though not actually relayed on April Fool’s day at the time,the then President Ronald Reagan’s off-mike comments,that he had good news he had just ordered the bombing of Russia which would begin shortly ;would have been The April Fool,The ultimate spoof nonpareil had he in fact ordered the bombing to begin and not just joked about it.  Likewise ,Obama ,Kerry and Clinton ‘s current inane and fatuous posturing and strutting about over the so-called  ” Ukraine Crisis ” are, one hopes ,mere persiflage and intended as some preposterous spoof. Aren’t they ?


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