And So It Goes…#460

” Hey everybody , let’s get this party started ! ”  Were the situation not so genuinely grave ,though no-one’s mentioned the apocalypse so far, then the kindergarten shennanigans in that emaciated body politic that happens to be the Ukraine , would be borderline farce,a second rate Hollywood slacker comedy. Imagine a wanna-be Prime Minister alll dressed up in a cheap knock-off Armani suit stolen from some shop window dummy,lathered in eau-de-cologne trying to impress a visiting foreign dignitary like,for instance the President of Switzerland. And here’s the killer ,make the audience guffaw/snigger in ironic self-recognition,your foreign paymasters and controllers from Langley in Old Virginy are really crap at geography,so they unwittingly give you the Danish flag to fly.Arf,arf,arf. Not that that’s entirely the fault of the Yanks;heck no Wibur,shucks them good ole boys dun plannin so many coups they gone and lost track of them all,y’all. If it’s Tuesday ,guys,are ya listenin to me guys, it must be the Ukraine ! Overall the running time of this flick is a little stretched at several weeks and  there’s so many sub-plots and stock characters from central casting phoning in their performances that maybe ,the US/NATO/EU owners of this worn out global franchise need to take a rest,for a while at least,a long while,a very,very long while. Special mention,albeit as a footnote,needs to be made about franchise debutante ” Baroness ” Ashton ;to paraphrase a line of dialogue from another minor bit player,” W.T.F. ? ” and end it , let this particular dog off its leash ? Lars Von Trier and Michael Bay are both down to helm the next instalment. Interesting times !


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