And So It Goes…#461

In mainstream Media ,there are,at least anecdotally, what the professionals refer to in the time honoured fashion as , ” slow news days “. The British tabloid Press in particular,though the broadsheets too,succumb to  ” The silly season “. Offbeat ,eccentric stories magically are conjured up out of the ether to occupy vast acreages of otherwise empty news space. 
And here’s the latest such non-event ,non-news even by petty-bourgeois corporate standards and all its vacuity.
The British Prime Minister has taken to asserting his attachment/allegiance to the Christian Faith rather more volubly than heretofore has been the case. I could resort,legitimately to recounting the on-going austerity measures and persecutions of the socially and economically marginalised. Because clearly they are manifestly Anti-Christian. Then again,comedic irony is a much subtler weapon to deploy against the likes of Cameron in situations such as this. And Cameron has proven the best destroyer of his own ,if he ever had any,credibility. He’s a christian ? Then One Direction are talented and gifted singers and musicians.
There,that wasn’t too harsh was it ;not for Easter.


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