And So It Goes…#466

What the capitalist system cannot avoid is its own inevitable destruction. The New Order of Human Civilisation always emerges from the womb of the old.It’s birth pangs are ,just like any other birth,invariably excruciatingly painful. Unemployment ,or social marginalisation and economic exclusion are not a problem for those suffering the joblessness and exclusion; on the contrary these are active signs and indicators that entire socio-economic infrastructures,all across nation states configured to the Usurer-Capitalist order of things, are in the accelerated process of decline and transformation.They are the birth pangs of a New ,non-capitalist,co-operative Global Human Community.

Gleaned from The Daily ,It’s Definitely Going Tits Up ,Mail :-

Britain’s zero-hours army: How 1.4 million jobs now come with no promise of work

  • Women, pensioners and students most likely to be on the contracts
  • One in eight bosses now use zero-hour deals – despite the economic upturn
  • Growing demands for David Cameron to crack down on the ‘epidemic’


More than a million British workers are employed on controversial ‘zero hours contracts’, official figures revealed this morning.

The Office for National Statistics said in total there were 1.4million jobs with ‘non-guaranteed hours’.

Most of these were ‘zero hours’ – but there are other schemes which employers can take advantage of to hire workers without guaranteeing them any work, the ONS said.

Epidemic ? Let’s hope it’s The Black Death !



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