And So It Goes…#472

There comes a point , a tipping point one supposes, that if we do not address the Future,then we shall remain locked into the Past. And in this past that we are stuck in ,the Usurer-Capitalist system and its entire mythologising narrative is now so dysfunctional ,as to present a clear and present danger to the continuation of Human society on this planet. When the deranged psychotics on the neo-con,free market end of the ideological spectrum aren’t busying themselves trying to ignite World War 3 over a few turnip fields outside Kiev,they’re all too busy carrying out the most morally heinous and socially brutalising policies of economic marginalisation and exclusion known to human history. There is however an avenue of escape,the merest sliver of an opportunity that if it were seized and acted upon just might offer a glimmer of sanity. And it appears to be gaining some traction on social media.

“Without basic security, none of us can be expected to be rational and socially responsible.”

Guy Standing explains why we need a ‘Precariat Charter’ to address…

Whatever this idea’s inherent flaws might in time reveal themselves to be,the question for this hour at least is,would we all like some more game time ?


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