And So It Goes…#476

We are barely into Monday,26th.May 2014 and Orwell’s frequently referenced ” Doublethink ” is alive and well in crises ridden Europe and nowhere more belligerently than in EU damaged Britain. Already the shattered remnants of the (british ?) Labour Party are hailing their second place in the UK section of the EU’s mock-parliamentiary elections as an undisputed historic success . Their tawdry and even more deluded  “Conservative” Party pro-Brussels co-conspirators volubly assert that they indeed will now begin to “listen” to the pressing concerns of those of the electorate who voted – protest voted they insist-for UKIP. And so it goes. As for me ,I’m as happy as the proverbial lark,I’m walking on sunshine,I’m feeling just great. The marginally less irrational toadying media vassals have managed to summon up a scintilla of intellectual , if not moral ,contrition and have in their own socio-autistic way communicated something approaching a visceral acknowledgement of the actual,sheer,unadulterated,magnificent awe-inspiring magnitude of just what the disparate peoples of the dystopian EU Reich managed to achieve over these last few halcyon days.  In Britain,UKIP triumphed in the face of the most morally repugnant,unprincipled and heinous campaign of slander,misinformation and defamation ever mounted against an political entity in peacetime. In France also,where a robust and resolute Patriotism has once again found its most profound and articulate proponents in galvanic form. Notionally on the equally moribund Right and Left,from Denmark and Belgium through Germany on into Italy and Greece and all points in between,the free citizens of liberty have set in train the beginning of the end of that unspeakable tyranny in Brussels.

Can you hear that freedom train coming on down the track ? Free at last,hallelujah,we’re free at last !


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