And So It Goes…#491

The only difficulty one encounters when dramatising for purposes of propaganda any given situation ,is that when a genuinely dramatic situation occurs ,people will have already become de-sensitised to crises and therefore less inclined to respond appropriately.  As reported originally in the Glasgow Evening Times and reposted via social media the following:-

Food bank is expanding as hunger bites
PEOPLE visiting a north Glasgow food bank are so desperate they are pulling off lids and eating with their fingers in the centre
Seriously that ” hungry ” ?  I have undertaken and completed two Hungerstrike protest actions, the first lasting 15 days and the second 22 days.  Haven’t the people allude to in the newspaper report actually consumed any nourishment at all for days on end ? Have they literally been deprived of basic nutrition ? It’s a bit like the recent ” End Hunger Fast ” – over the Church’s religious  40 day festival period of Lent,when a tiny cabal of C.of E. enthusiasts ran their campaign. Worthy as it might have been and to a limited extent marginally  propagandistically successful ; in the end no one starved to death,no lives were sacrificed. not a single politician,church leader,or media outlet of note and influence gave a shit about people going hungry a bit now and again. And if there are to be food banks at all ,they ought to be wholly autonomously run by user-collectives and supplied by the supermarkets and the goods distributed proportionately and without any prior bureaucratic permission. Food is a fucking human right and not some hand me down commodity controlled by any authority or requiring authority or accountability. That’s how far down the scale of personal and collective resilience and endurance let alone Class solidarity we have slid . Most people most of the time in the Usurer-Capitalist controlled society / prison camp we are now co-erced to exist in , really are that disempowered ,de-skilled and subservient. The Beast and His system are alive and prospering in this welter of exploitation,brutalisation and misery. we have been cowed into submission and have become subservient acolytes of Ba’al.




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