And So It Goes…#492

It’s easy to get fooled into believing that ,somehow, the West is facing some kind of existential crisis vis a vis Islam. ISIS ,Boko Haram,Al Shabab,Al qaeda, young,immature ” British muslims ” going to join the latest jihad fad. The specious and oft repeated litany of indicators that there is an inexorable tidal wave of islamic terrorism heading our way gets plenty of airplay across the innumerable platforms of the Usurer- capitalist owned and controlled Mass media. Even if some of the contentious,conjectural breast-beating and rending of metaphorical garments was partially true,then the quickest resolution of this burgeoning scourge that would go a long way to putting that particular genie back into its bottle is for the US and its NATO satrapies and lackeys to quit their inasne,self-aggrandising imperialist adventures ! Other than that ,the spectre of a  potential couple of hundred psychotic mass murderers about to instigate chaos and carnage on our high streets and shopping malls is going to be with us for a very long time to come. And the Ruling Elites want it to be just like that. Why ? I’ve no idea ! While you’re at it ,you might as well ask them why they think it so important that they profit from the charging of interest on loans . The Old Powers back in the day would of course have dealt decisively,but not to bleeding heart liberals’ liking,with ” jihadists ” ;no problem. Alas,there are none now with such nerves and such strong stomachs.


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