And So It Goes…#498

Here in woefully ” thick ” Britain ,the Ruling Elites’ pursuit of mediocrity and total evisceration of originality and genius has, in spite of seemingly inherent class dichotomies,chimed well with the middle-class detritus that constitutes the failed teaching professions . Aphorisms and bon mots are now the philosophy du jour. This gleaned from the Daily,occasionally journalistically inclined ,Mail on what is a pretty big populist media story. But it’s really a non-story ;just supurating drivel oozing its way down the glass windscreen of an indifferent and utterly sang-froid realpolitik.

There are many ways of being smart… Headteacher writes to pupils saying not to worry about exams

  • Letter sent to pupils at Barrowford Primary School in Nelson, Lancashire
  • Year Six students told ‘these tests do not assess that you are unique’
  • But it turns out much of letter was copied from one sent in US last year
  • School was last inspected by Ofsted in 2012 when it was rated ‘good’


The inevitable result of decades of the joint Socialist / Tory /Liberal dumbing down conspiracy where the participants pretend to actually care and take up contrary positions over the issue of how much more indelibly stupid they can make the populace.


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