And So It Goes…#502

Unlike those who he keeps company with, the Daily Mail columnist Stephen Glover is capable of reasoned and measured analysis and comment. Most of his colleagues are mere salivating hyenas,typical of the British petty-bourgeois Press ,wrapped up in their own venal posturing in front of a mirror practising their Tough Guy Tory act which only impresses their monumentally gullible and credulous readership. Herewith gleaned from his 24 July column.

But in the dock of history there will be another defendant — the European Union. Morally speaking, of course, it towers far above Putin and the separatists. 
Yet it is guilty of precipitating this crisis, and arguably of causing it. 
A fatal combination of vanity, hubris and naivety characterised EU policy towards Ukraine before its elected President, Viktor Yanukovych, was removed in a popular uprising earlier this year.
Now the same EU, which recklessly attempted to lure Ukraine out of the Russian sphere of influence, reveals itself as being feeble and divided, and utterly incapable of dealing with the alarming consequences of its actions.
The key to understanding this crisis is the EU’s generally benign, though ill-conceived, imperialism. Its membership has expanded at an astonishing rate as new countries, some of them very poor, have been admitted in recent years. 
The EU, David Cameron promised last year, will one day stretch from ‘the Atlantic to the Urals’.
The wooing of Ukraine was largely spear-headed by Baroness Ashton, the so-called High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs, a former middle-ranking Labour minister who has never stood for office and knew very little about foreign affairs or Ukraine.
To be fair to Baroness Ashton, she was interpreting EU policy, not making it. Nonetheless, she threw herself into the task, visiting the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, and, as recently as last December, remarking favourably on the demonstrators who were soon to topple the pro-Russian President Yanukovych.
Her purpose was to open the path for Ukraine eventually to become a full member of the EU by offering an Association Agreement. An alluring trade deal was dangled, which Yanukovych at one point seemed likely to sign before having second thoughts for fear of offending the Russians.

Without the European Union’s energetic courting — part presumptuous, part galumphing — it is possible, if not probable, that Yanukovych would still be in his vulgar, opulent mansion in Kiev, Ukraine would not be in the process of being torn apart —and Flight MH17 would not have been blown out of the sky.

Until Russia effectively seized Crimea in March, the European Union had displayed all the arrogance of a great power, albeit not one with very developed diplomatic gifts.

European History shows that Russia does not “do” surrender neither can it be defeated.Whereas any alliance with Germany is doomed to fail.Go figure !


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