And So It Goes…#505

Strange days. On the one hand we have a deranged and badly out of control US administration behaving more psychotically than ever in its insane desire to lead the planet to some kind of millenial nuclear holocaust,ably assisted and abetted by its various NATO satrapies that also constitute almost entirely the vassals of the European Union. On the other hand the Zionist entity aka Israel and its Wehrmacht are blasting Gaza to smithereens. Despite their usually ,intrinsic sloth,stupidity and general vacuousness ,British parliamentarians are actually reacting to this obscene slaughter being perpetrated in Gaza. The Lib-Dem MP for Bradford East ,David Ward,for instance was witch-hunted and made to retract some tweets he made empathising with the Palestinian People. And now its John Prescott,former labour deputy prime Minister”s turn to be slandered and denouncedby,you’ve guessed it,the Usual bow-scraping humbug suspects.

The Daily -conformist ,anally retentive,mortgage paying consumerist – Mail is forced to report in to-day’s ,31 July edition :-

John Prescott was last night accused of being ‘deeply offensive’ to Jewish people by comparing the Gaza Strip to a concentration camp.

The leaders of Britain’s Jews criticised the comments by the former deputy prime minister, saying they ‘trivialised’ the Holocaust and called on Labour officials to investigate his ‘misconduct’.

Lord Prescott wrote in the Sunday Mirror that Israel’s ‘indiscriminate’ bombardment of the Palestinian territory was a war crime and that Gaza was a ‘ghetto’.

Clearly to the chosen ones,some deaths are of more value than others,because only their peoples’deaths can apparently be trivialised.And all other peoples’deaths can’t and so Zionism alone determines whose death is above all other deaths. The epithets ,sick,twisted and amoral spring to mind. Of course,the supreme irony in all of this can be found by “israel” if they can even be bothered to read in ,supposedly their own scripture. ” There are none righteous in the World ; no,not one “. Presumably the Creator too is an anti-semite now.


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