And So It Goes…#512

The imbecilic UK Regime recently trumpeted the ” fact ” that its official unemployment figures showed another significant drop over the last month; thus verifying Nietzsche’s dictum that what the State sya is indeed lies. Apparently we have never had it so good as the UK national economy goes soaring into the stratosphere ,faster and higher than any other EU state ! Children’s fairy tales aside , the 28 member European Union owns up to having near enough 30,000,000 jobless across its vast socio-economic wasteland. Its official policy of shipping the jobless and destitute from its eastern and southern peripheries into the already struggling northern heartlands is aggresively exacerbating an already calamitous social infrastructure and wider societal malaise. Apparently ,its all to do with multi-culturalism,a common European identity ,social cohesion blaherty,blaherty blah. That still leaves 30.000.000 jobless who are uniformly persecuted by nationally based state bureaucracies tasked with driving the unemployed away from even contemplating applying for their rightful financial benefits. And yet,as Ambrose Evans-Pritchard writes in today,15 August Daily Telegraph ;the ruling captalist order is far from safe and secure.

Eurozone strategy is in tatters after economic recovery ground to a halt across the region and France demanded a radical shift in policy, warning that austerity overkill is driving Europe into a depression.

Growth slumped to zero in the second quarter, with Germany contracting by 0.2pc and France once again stuck at zero. Italy is already in a triple-dip recession.

Good news !


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