And So It Goes…#517

Girls as young as 11 doused in petrol and told they would be raped next by the Rotherham Asian sex gangs – so why has only one person lost their job?

  • Report found 1,400 children abused between 1997 and 2013 in Rotherham
  • The figure is likely to be a conservative estimate of the true scale
  • Victims terrorised with guns and doused in petrol and threatened with fire
  • More than a third of the cases were already know to agencies
  • Author of the report condemned ‘blatant’ failings by council’s leadership
  • Action blocked by political correctness as staff ‘feared appearing racist’ 
  • Majority of victims described the perpetrators as ‘Asian’ men

The devastating report by Professor Alexis Jay revealed that:

  • Staff were given ‘clear directions’ from managers to downplay the ‘ethnic dimension’ of the abuse despite almost all the perpetrators being of Pakistani heritage;
  • Three separate reports warning of the scale of the abuse were ‘suppressed or ignored’ by the council because it was ‘in denial’ about the crimes;
  • Serious discussions about sexual abuse were impossible because of the ‘macho’ and ‘sexist’ culture at the Labour-controlled council;
  • Police treated victims and their families as if they were to blame for the abuse, and took no action against the paedophiles;

The report said: ‘It is hard to describe the appalling nature of the abuse that child victims suffered.’

The document lays bare how the vulnerable girls were often treated as the guilty party. Efforts to help them were obstructed in some cases by the very care agencies charged with protecting them.

Desperate parents tried to rescue their daughters from houses where they were being abused, only to be arrested themselves when police arrived.

Professor Alexis Jay, who wrote the devastating report, said police ‘regarded many child victims with contempt’. In one case, an 11-year-old told police she and another child had been sexually assaulted by grown men.




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