And So It Goes…#518

It’s such a tough career being a totally deranged warmongering sonofabitch ; especially one with a proven track record of bombing and massacring people and countries right across the globe. So when it comes to instigating / fomenting  global nuclear holocaust what is the Leader of the Free World supposed to do ? What option should he take ? According to latest reports in britain’s  The Daily,let’s bomb shite out of Russia ,Telegraph ,he doesn’t know what to do in Syria/Iraq ; then again he’s off to a big jamboree in Wales next week. Doh !

Despite weeks of American bombing missions against Sunni militants in Iraq, Mr Obama said that the White House had still not developed a broader plan for countering IS across the region.
While US drones are already carrying out surveillance in Syria, Mr Obama said that he was not ready to order strikes there and dramatically escalate America’s involvement in the conflict.
“I don’t want to put the cart before the horse. We don’t have a strategy yet,” Mr Obama said when asked whether he would seek Congressional approval for striking in Syria.
And meanwhile ,over at NATO they’re holding a pre-War Summit gathering in run down ,economically stagnant Newport,Wales.This is how Greater Germany’s Yu-Kay Provinical government’s site Gov.UK is promoting it.

Host City Celebrations brings NATO Summit to life

The heart of Newport will be transformed into a NATO-themed culture and food celebration.


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