And So It Goes…#525

On Thursday 18 September 2014 , the Scottish electorate has the opportunity to vote for independence. A ” Yes ” vote would entail the dissolution of the United Kingdom and would also jettison Scotland from other bodies and treaties including the European Union.
Amid all the usual bluff ,bluster,empty sabre-rattling and calumny of British politcal discourse and debate something quite extra-ordinary has taken place. The Prime Minister,Cameron has sought to use emotion and candour in his promotion of the ” No ” to independence campaign;as indeed have those other two twerps, Miliband and Clegg. Are the metropolitan-domiciled,largely Oxbridge educated ,Ruling Elites and their political class and Commentariat seriously and genuinely concerned ,even afraid ,that Scotland will indeed choose to become a sovereign nation state once more ? i hope so. By seceding from the United Kingdom,the Scottish People set themselves,at a stroke of the pencil on the ballot form, free of the EU tyranny. Something ,incidentally that UKIP would have all the UK do,and yet UKIP are against Scotland’s secession.

Ecosse Libre !


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