And So It Goes…#527

Before I say anything else.  ECOSSE LIBRE !  I really do want to see this coming Thursday the 18th of September’s Referendum Vote go the way of Yes and Independence. Whether it will or not is a matter of some conjecture . Alas ,Politics and the Populist version thereof isn’t what it used to be. Windows of the rival factions of supporters and adherents for instance ,are not being broken.Nor are the minions on either side  brawling in the streets and alleyways.Houses and Offices are not being torched. Bummer. It’s all being played out like some poorly scripted,attenuated version of the once popular 1940’s/50’s Ealing Comedies ; ” Plebiscites Galore ! ” All rather  so fecking anodyne you’d suspect that nothing much of substance was at risk on Thursday. And yet the venal squealing toadies of  the UK’s metropolitan Ruling Elite are showing definite signs of existential unease. On to-day,Tuesday 16 September’s front pages in Scotland something unusual has manifested itself. The true identity.ideology and malevolent intent of the three established Westminster mafiosi. Party politics turns out to be no such thing.There are no rival,irreconcilable ideologies. The Labour Party did not debate,discuss,vote and then decide to adopt and implement that ” manifesto” to which its wannabe leader Milliband has appended his signature. Neither for that matter did the Conservative or Liberal-Democrat Parties debate let alone vote to adopt or implement what their leaders,Cameron and Clegg have signed up to. So quite on what legitimate and explicable  constitutional basis the three Mussolinis have offered legally binding constitutional inducements to the Scottish electorate in order to subvert and influence their voting intentions ahead of  Thursday’s Vote,is clearly a matter of the deepest conjecture and puzzlement. Political Leaders acting upon their own personal initiative and exercising executive,quasi-imperial authority to originate and implement binding legal promises outside of their own Parties let alone the National Legislature’s endorsements is breathtakingly outrageous. And yet that is precisely what is happening. Hopefully this turns out to be the most spectacular political own goal of all time. Pray that it is so.


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