And So It Goes…#528

Just occasionally you need to take stock and attempt to evaluate in some rational manner all the propagandistic,ideological effluent that swirls all around us. Amidst all of the detritus,certain riffs,tropes or whatever the heck you want to describe them,pop up all the time and no doubt,up on mature reflection,shall continue to do so ad infinitum. ” The United States of America In Imminent Danger ” is ,by the proverbial country mile , top of the existentialist-angst pops. Is it even worth asking ” Why ? “. Everything,everyone,everywhere is held,to be at one time or another endangering the security and or the unspecified and broad interests of the USA. ISIL,Syria,Libya,AlQaeda,Afghanistan,Pakistan,Russia,Iran,North Korea,China,Cuba,Haiti,Grenada,Panama,Yugoslavia. And now….

Ebola is now a threat to all our security, says Obama, as 3,000 US troops head to West Africa to combat epidemicĀ 


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