And So It Goes…#529

Ne’er mind.The Struggle Continues.  The result of the Referendum on the question of Independence for Scotland came down 55% to 45% in favour of the ” NO ” side. And boy are the metropolitan-domiciled Print and Broadcast UK Media making a meal of it  ;a virtual bloody banquet of self-congratulatory and self-adulatory praise . They sure showed them Scots Nats a thing or two by jingo !  Bollocks really ; truth be told.  The S.N.P. and its motley ,disparate allies and collaborators were arrayed against the most formidable and never before seen in peacetime Coalition of Party Political,Executive ,Legislative,Judicial and Media Power.  The entirety of the Print and Broadcast Mainstream Media . All three major Westminster parties and all their Party machineries and activists ;which in Labour’s case specifically also meant that no single Trades Union organisation was able,if it wanted to do so, speak up for  Yes to Independence. Then there were a whole cortege of doom and fear mongering prognostications from the bastions of Finance and Manufacturing Capitalism  ranging from Employers and Directors organisations,through to Banks and all their lackeys in the acknowledged British Commentariat elite across the disciplines of finance and economics. 24/7,barrage after barrage of deformed half=-truths and centrist,neo-liberal dogma plied by Lab,Lib and Con without even a hairs-breadth ideological division. Miliband even led 100 ,mainly English Constituency MPs into the doorstepping canvassing fray. A quintessential moment of collective existential angst and visceral funk made the three UK-Unionist Party Leaders make a Public and irrevocable pledge of additional devolved powers in what they believed would sway the end result in their favour. And the result, YES 45% NO 55%.Hardly convincing,given the explicit bribe of almost all you’d have with a YES vote but you get with a NO as well. Our Ruling Elite and their lackeys are in serious difficulties,are they not ?


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