And So It Goes…#531

A la H.G.Wells’ journalist scribbling away on the evening of the Martian invasion ,the Oxbridge-bred Media Commentariat are trying so desperately and all too earnestly to convey to a disbelieving populace and sceptical readership the urgency with which the British House of Commons is,( even as I pen this missive ) debating and discussing the likelihood of the UK’s military intervention in the internal affairs of the sovereign state of Iraq. It is Thursday,26th September in the Year of Our Lord 2014 and once again the geo-political satrapies popularly refered to as Western,industrialised democracies are acting out the staged drama of supposed existential danger to themselves and their business and commercial interests in what were once explicitly their imperial fiedoms. In point of fact ,the countries constituting the western industrialised,capitalist democracies are merely convenient,historically constructed and lavishly maintained illusory ideological paradigms that have adopted the appearance of what nations used to be up to the imbrglio and subsequent debacle of 1914. The simulacrum States of USA,Britain and France ,for example, are no more under a threat,imminent or otherwise from the likes of ISIS/ISIL/islamic State than they are from an invasion from Mars. Imbecility has obviously undergone an apotheosis when State-regulated ,compulsory material consumption at a a self-evidently unsustainable planetary existential level and pace ,is deemed to be the apogee of mankind’s existence on earth and the cannibalistic squalor and excesses of a capitalist system of barbarism and pitiless exploitation is elevated to the status of shibboleth. Bomb Iraq,don’t bomb Iraq ; in the end or even before the beginning,it really makes no difference at all.


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