And So It Goes…#537

There is indeed nothing new under the sun. If the Planet,Mankind,Human Civilisation as we currently know it continues to pursue the inexorable logic of Capitalist economic development ,then there is only one outcome assured ; the destruction of Human Civilisation,the annihilation of Mankind. In that scenario ,the rich will have become very rich indeed and the powerful fantastically even more powerful. The neolliberal wetdream fantasy of freemarket competition will have found its apotheosis ; the Adam Smith ideological hegemony will have attained its unquestionable zenith. The Planet itself and the 99.9 whatever percent will however be long gone ;eviscerated ,brutalised into premature graves and the planetary environment will be a morbid,stinking cesspit. The rich and the powerful will,for themselves only have attained an eternal mastery and kingship that is seldom bestowed on mere mortals. They will have annointed themselves Emperors within their own straitjackets. Austerity means that Capitalism has already contracted the fatal buboes.


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