And So It Goes…#538

The grandiose multiculturalist ,social/societal  human consciousness re-engineering project that is and has defined Western  capitalist democracies since 1945 tends .from time to time , to unravel in the most bizarre and unlikeliest of circumstances. Proving ,if nothing else,that although you can fool most of the people most of the time ,you cannot fool all the people all of the time.Though the mainstream Corporate media does come unnervingly close to that mythical paradigm of being able to fool everyone all of the time. Multiculturalism is eye wash ; all talk of multi-faiths is  the same eye-wash. They do not exist,have never existed and are incapable of existing. Multiculturalism is merely the expression , a popular everyday catchphrase of the Usurer-Capitalist Ruling Elite’s Ideological Hegemony. Neolliberals ,freemarketeers,entrepreneurs,capitalists  require a predictable and homogenised populace to act as their market for the consumption of those things that are ” produced “. You can’t sell  more of your product,if a segment of society is hostile to and less receptive to the ideological implications of a free labour market economy. Real and ancient social antagonisms and existential  conflicts borne of History are of no practical use to Capitalism.Differences that characterise  and define human identity via tribe,community,locality,region,nation,religious adherence etc. are merely an impediment to the Universal Purgatory of endless and increasing voracious commercial consumption without which Usurer-Capitalism would wither and die. It is therefore refreshing and curiosly liberating to see reports of those who clearly have not read Wall Street’ script.There are other things apart from stuffing your own face endlessly.

from the Daily Mortgage-Paying,Servile Consumerist Mail

Euro 2016 qualifier abandoned after Serbian striker rips down Albanian flag that was flown over the pitch on a drone, sparking huge brawl between the players

  • UEFA banned away fans from attending last night’s game in Belgrade
  • Politically-charged match halted after Stefan Mitrovic pulls down flag
  • Fights between players and officials and havoc seen in Partizan Stadium
  • Brother of Albanian PM arrested in VIP Box for allegedly instigating stunt
  • But Albanian Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri claims this is just ‘speculation’
  • Stadium announcer bizarrely plays Believe by Cher to calm down fans 
  • There are long-running political tensions between Serbia and Albania



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