And So It Goes…#544

It’s easy to be hard.To excoriate the many faults,failings and errors of government.Britain stands alongside  the other western capitalist democracies  which really are the most pathetic pieces of historic detritus imaginable.Their  institutionalised Usurer-capitalist economic system really is frighteningly,awfully oppressively dysfunctional;it makes the tyranny of the Medieval Mongol Armies seem like a badly organised vicarage tea-arty by comparison. And when all is said and done and hundreds of billions have been looted from the Peoples’Exchequer and thousands have been killed and the most egregiously false apologies and  “Mea Culpas” have been uttered and self-serving sanctimonious and pseudo-pious drivel been published to commemorate ” our losses “,it all comes down to the fundamental problem and challenge not only of our Age but one that has confronted Society throughout the Ages. When cometh the Revolution which finally transcends,gets rid off,wipes out,does away with capitalism and all its manifest evil ? Who knows ? In the meantime, the Press,Broadcast and Online media a la Daily Compulsive Consumerist Mail ,gets to perform its ideological petomaine act one more.It is,after all, another tale told by idiots-full of sound and fury and signifying nothing.

We’ll never send British troops back to fight in Afghanistan, pledges Fallon as soldiers make on last assault on the Taliban

  • Michael Fallon says British combat troops would not return to Afghanistan
  • Comments come as troops make one last assault on the Taliban
  • Royal Artillery gunners fired 105mm shells into enemy positions
  • UK preparing to withdraw combat personnel from Afghanistan by January
  • Defence Secretary admits ‘mistakes were made’ by both senior military officials and politicians during the campaign in the country

There are none righteous ,no not one.


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