And So It Goes…#549

It can become enormously tedious to simply reiterate all the instances of when politicians,particularly those in ” government ” or ” power 2 lie their heads off. It was ever thus ,it shall remain thus for ever. Emperors have no clothes.Surprised ? How naive to believe let alone think that they do. They are all brazen violators and abusers of the truth.They really do insist at trying to fool all the people ALL of the time.  Barely a fortnight has passed since  the EU Province of Yu-Kay’s Chief Toilet Attendant ( aka Prime Minister ) Cameron made a faux-quasi Churchillian speech on the subject of additional payments from Yu-Kay to the EU’s Reichsregierung. Being a failed P.R. hustler at a now defunct TV broadcaster,Cameron summoned all the prefabricated  hubris,elegiac pathos and pseudo-patriotic guff he could scrape together from the residue of his proto-Simian intellect. And it sounded like a load of bollocks even at the time. Unsurprisingly,the sheer wantonly grotesque pantomime of Cameron’s performance turns out even more hideously vacuous than any charitable person could’ve contemplated all those long 14 days ago. Orwell captured it all so brilliantly in ” 1984 ” ,almost prophetically,when his anti-hero Winston Smith ,a lowly functionary at Minitrue has to get  rid  of all  written evidence that there’d ever been an announcement of a reduction in the chocolate ration,in order to make the new announcement of an increase in the same ration seem plausible. As in Life so in Art ,or should that be the other way around ? We’ll never know.


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