And So It Goes…#553

At last ,some good news ! The Daily Telegraph’s very own Commodities Editor,Andrew Critchlow writes the following in his column of 16 November :-

” Europe finds itself at the centre of a bitter dispute with Russia at a time when its own economic edifice begins to crumble. Deflation and stagnated growth make European countries, excluding Britain and Germany, stand out as the real sick men of the G20. Arguably, Europe needs Russian petro-dollars more the Russia needs the dysfunctional economic bloc of 27 nations who themselves are squabbling over whether to stay together.

At a time when most European countries should really be focusing on cutting budget deficits and trimming state spending, the threat of Russia means that outlays on defence have to be maintained and in some cases increased. Without the support of the US, Europe’s underfunded and outgunned armed forces are no match for Russia, even if its military machine is a shadow of the jackbooted horde seen parading on Red Square during the Communist era.

Trade sanctions and restrictions on individuals and financial transactions, the main targets of current sanctions, have had only a limited impact on Russia so far. Latest figures show that the Russian economy has grown by 0.7pc in the third quarter year-on-year ahead of the Bank of Russia’s forecast for 0.3pc overall growth. ”

And that Ladies and Gentlemen is why President Putin  ” cut short “his sojourn at the G20 summit conference in Brisbane. Seriously,why should any decent,rational,principled Head of State have to endure,unnecessarily,a bunch of total assholes such as Obama,Cameron,Merkel,Fraser ,Abbott,etc.. ?  No,I can’t think of any reason either.


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