And So it Goes…#554

This really is priceless. In today,Thursday 20 November’s Daily,We supported Hitler’s annexation of Austria,Mail they’ve given the renowned Media Commentator,Historian and Author Max Hastings opportunity to inveigh against the cretins,imbeciles,liars,cheats,fraudsters and con artists that make up the UK’s political class. In typical British fashion  neither the Right or the  Left have ever been able to  tell their arse from their elbow when it comes to Immigration. Paradoxically,it’s actually the Left who should have been the ones with least hang ups controlling Immigration . Why ? Basic Class Awareness 101 – What particular phenomenon must the capitalists encourage and support in order to ensure a continual downward pressure on wages ?  Intensified competition in the national labour market ; more labour chasing fewer jobs ensuring a numerical excess of those that can be gainfully exploited at any one time. It’s an iron law of capitalist economics ,more workers = smaller wages. And being venal.self-promoting Marxists and class fighters and all the rest of that trope the Left does not oppose Immigration and does not campaign for effective immigration controls. capitalism over time has,of course succeed brilliantly in mythologising the very processes,culture and institutions that ensure the Capitalist’ Ruling Elites own Historic pre-eminence and ideological hegemony. The very personal act of  ” emigrating ” is couched, becomes revered, by notions such as heroism,sacrifice,life-affirming achievements and all sorts of allied drivel. People are defined as ” hard working ” ,who ,”make something of their lives ” ,and ,”achieve  success “. Forget the actual historical,material societal context in which all of this occurs ,in fact forget inexorable capitalist logic ; let’s play hero and villains instead. And so we come  to it in the end. Or do we. Mr.Reckless is a ” bad ” person who might be a Nazi for articulating a perfectly balanced,rational and well thought out point of view on Trans-EU Migration. Anyhow, back to the tales of Beatrix potter or whatever it is passes for Realpolitik these days here in Blighty.

Take it away MH.

” Today, voters go to the polls in the Rochester and Strood by-election. If there was any doubt about Ukip’s impending victory, this has almost certainly been dispelled by two shocking news items this week.

First, it has been revealed that Britain is granting its precious citizenship to more immigrants than any other EU nation: 193,000 passports dispensed like Smarties in 2012 alone, a total of 2.1 million since this century began.

Further statistics show that 1.3 per cent of all Eastern Europeans, more than a million in all, now live in Britain, and arrivals show no sign of abatement.

One in every 60 Poles and one in every 30 Latvians is not in Poland or Latvia, but in Britain.

This country is the destination of choice for a host of Poles, Romanians and people from the Baltic republics fleeing from their own struggling economies to pitch camp in prospering Kent or Essex, Swindon or Slough, or above all London.

Three-quarters of the British people think this is a terrible idea, and most of our politicians now claim they agree. But it is self-evident that the Coalition Government’s repeated promises to stem EU immigration have proved worthless.

Almost all the arguments deployed by fanatical Europeans to make this seem good news are fallacious. Overwhelming evidence shows that the beneficiaries of open borders are not host countries, but immigrants.

Per capita GDP in the host nation scarcely increases; new arrivals age too fast to help much with paying the pensions of older Britons.

Housing, schools, the NHS, the welfare system and indeed mere space in this crowded island are subjected to stresses that are immense, and verge on the intolerable.”


Good luck !


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