And So It Goes…#555

L A     L O T T A    CONTINUA    !  !

**** HUNGERSTRIKE / FAST PROTEST DAY 20 **** NEWS UPDATE at 10.20 GMT,Saturday 21 November 2014.- ACTION SUSPENDED….

Two days ago on Thursday,I attended the NHS Walk-In Clinic,King Street,Wakefield at around 3.45 pm and was diagnosed with a severe viral infection. The condition  kicked in the previous,Wednesday morning and is as of today still lingering on. Being on restricted food intake for nearly 3 weeks already,this ,apparently fairly widespread infection is on the verge of wiping out what strength I’ve got left. The  Hungerstike / Fast part of my Protest Against Zero Hours Contracts is therefore suspended with immediate effect.Future public Situationist actions remain to be implemented. Despite this unforeseen development,the PROTEST per se  continues. La Lotta Continua !! The debilitating ,grotty,mucous churning,snotathon apart ,I remain positive and upbeat for the long term. No worthwhile Campaign of Struggle can ever achieve its ends without pain and sacrifice. In the broader annals of the many millions of such struggles,mine just about makes it as a drop in the Ocean. The Media has done what they unerringly seem to do without any moral qualms nowadays -ignore anyone and everyone who dares to protest against the rampant social and economic injustices being meted out to the most vulnerable and economically marginalised in our society. Silence, ladies and gentlemen of The Press , IS collaboration with the oppressors.

( gleaned from my facebbok account and emailed to:- Mary Creagh MP ,BBC Radio Leeds and BBC TV Look North,and the Editors at Wakefield express,Yorkshire Post and Evening Post. )



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