And So It Goes…#556

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s column in the Daily Telegraph has one inestimable advantage over the likes of ,say the Daily Mail’s unceasing flow of Tory-rhetoric dressed up as populist indignation. The Telegraph ,editorially, does not over-indulge itself in the vapidity or otherwise of its own ideological prejudices. In order to maintain their own effectiveness in service of the Ruling Elites and the reproduction of their ideological hegemony ,even Tories,even the Commentariat must abstain from the toxins of self-delusional triumphalism. Hence ,yesterday’s ( November 26 )  AEP column devoted to the outporings elsewhere of former EU commission President Prodi are worth examining and evaluating. Herewith gleaned from the DT. :-

” Britain’s clout in Brussels was already waning before Mr Cameron pledged an EU referendum. It stems from Maastricht. By staying out of monetary union – with all its implications – the UK effectively opted out of the EU’s future even then. This was disguised in the early years of EMU. It became crystal clear once the crisis exposed the fundamental failings of an orphan currency with no economic government to back it up.

Mr Cameron’s diplomatic loneliness was plainly visible at the December summit in 2011, when he felt forced to veto the Fiscal Compact. He was of course right on merits. The Fiscal Compact – pushed through outside the EU treaty structure – was and is an atrocious mix of pedantry and pre-modern economic illiteracy, with a delayed fuse that risks trapping the eurozone in depression for another decade.

Yet such was the zeal to push it through that he could not muster an alliance even from those countries – the majority – that knew it to be folly. They simply bent to power. In other words, he could not save the European political leaders from their own suicidal errors.

German hegemony is entirely unwelcome to Germany itself, and that is part of the problem. Frightened of its own historical shadows – “rearmament and dictatorship” as Mr Prodi puts it rather harshly – Germany still tries to think and behave much of the time as a subordinate power, like a large Sweden. But it is not a large Sweden; it is the policy-maker for a bloc of over 500m people.

It denies its own leadership, retreating into 3pc deficit rules and formulaic austerity, with very destructive results when leveraged through the whole eurozone by the mechanisms of EMU.

If Mr Prodi is broadly correct – and I suspect he is – British withdrawal from the EU will accelerate an unstable chain reaction and ultimately cause the whole project to unravel. It is simply unthinkable that the EU can survive as a reconstituted Holy Roman Empire governed from Berlin, yet without at least the charisma and sanctity bestowed on the medieval Hohenstaufen by Rome.

The EU is either a treaty club of democracies and equals, or it is nothing.”


And that for the rest of us is the punchline ;the pay-off…” is nothing “.  DAS EU IST KAPUT ! WUNDERBAR !



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