And So it Goes…#557

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( Louise Beamont,Asst.Producer) ; (Jacques Peretti ,Interviewer); ( James Routh,Cameraman)

ANATOMY OF PROPAGANDA :Following last Monday’s broadcast  interview on Ridings FM, Louise Beamont from Fresh One TV Productions got in touch with me and organised a TV crew to come up from London. They spent several hours with me on Thursday 27 November filming and interviewing me for a series Fresh One are producing to be screened on BBC 2 in January 2015 on the topic of  the Effects of Austerity in Britain. They arrived at my flat just after 11 a.m. and spent over 3 hours with me.They filmed inside the flat and outdoors in Wakefield City centre,including my trip to the Job Centre to sign on.  The interview concentrated on my current ( see facebook page) Protest Against Zero hours Contracts. All in all it proved to be an exhilarating and thoroughly worthwhile undertaking. The intended series is,apparently a six parter and will also include programmes featuring,amongst others ;a member of ” the super-rich “, a Banker and a Company director. I get the proletarian Activist part.


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