And So It Goes…#558

I emailed the following correspondence to my local print media ; Wakefield Express,Yorkshire Post  and Yorkshire Evening Post , on November 29.I’ll report back if any of them actually publish. Foreigners discussing ” immigration “…hot topic.

Such have been effects of the decades long duration and intensity of intellectual dishonesty and prohibition surrounding the pressing issues of immigration,that is has rendered impossible any political action required to now belatedly deal with those issues. Which,given these Isles romantic,historic attachment to values of liberty and free speech that had always kept us safe from Continental political tyrannies throughout the centuries ,is to say the least sad and disheartening..It’s as if,all that our forefathers fought for and believed in turned out to be a mere fiction. In that respect ,those on the traditional “Left ” are equally as guilty of intellectual pretension and dishonesty as all the rest. Why ,for instance does the organised Trades Union and Labour movement persist in advocating and supporting intensified labour market competition which always acts to drive down real wages? Every single Trades Union has as a core principle the commitment that it alone exists to defend,maintain and improve the wages and conditions of employment of its members. Unless there’s some Alice-in-Wonderland clause that they’re not sharing with the rest of us,how on earth in the real economic world does support and encouragement of unrestricted cross-border EU miigration,for example help to maintain,defend,let alone improve wages and conditions ?
The question is of course rhetorical.As someone of Austrian and Russian parentage born into a country largely populated by dullards and mediocrities,I have always puzzled over the curious British predeliction for lack of commitment and consistency and an indefensible antipathy toward their own poor and socially marginalised .A servile acceptance of a uniquely british managerial style which embodies incompetence and lack of sophistication as a badge of merit.This really is America without the brains or vision. As His Excellency the Ambassador of the Czech Republic ,remarked on BBC Radio 4 this morning on the topic of inner EU migration…”it concentrates on those central and east europeans who have come over here to occupy your jobs…” Only foreigners,(are we even allowed to make that sort of distinction ?,) can discuss immigration  and for my two penn’orth,it’s been a historic disaster of cataclysmic proportions . But,hey what do I know ?

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