And So It Goes…#560

The british , in particular the self-delusional ” educated ” aspiring middle classes ,are absolutely useless at confronting and dealing with anything to do with Realpolitik. Great philosophical / existential questions are simply beyond the mental capacity of this peculiar,hubristic,self-regarding tribe of neanderthal inbreds. Those amongst the tribe that prefer to pretend to be progressive/enlightened/green/left-wing/wiberal  read the Guardian and postulate their own intoxicating brand of vacuous nonsense.They do so in contradistinction to their tribal confreres who psychotically imagine themselves to be creators of wealth,financial and stock market speculators non-pareil in a competitive world where they alone are uniquely morally and socially upright citizens doing their very best everyday and paying off their debts to the Usurers to whom they are in debt-bondage for all eternity. Most of Human civilisation,is fortunately ,not entirely dependent on the effectiveness of strategies and policies devised by or run by the british ; were it so we’d still be keeping fleas off of each other as a social greeting. Neville Chamberlain referring to  ” Herr Hitler ” ; the entire Church of England ; 21st.century ” Tories” having the sheer effrontery to wrap themselves in the historic iconography of greater ages past that did rule the world; these are just a few of my ” favourite ” things that ought to remind the bootlicking,kowtowing ,lackeys and lickspittles of liberal/capitalist ideology just how close-the british grasping,voluminously overconsuming,conformist DNA tumbleweed middle classes have steered the Historic,Sovereign Nation into the midst of a cataclysmic disaster.And all in the name of what ? cheaper goods,phoney equality,” we are all the same ” ? At least the Daily Once-upon-a-time Telegraph continues to publish the deathbed confessions from those  whose consciences appear to have at last overwhelmed their ingrained,british sense of fair play and mental imbecility.

Frank Field, a former employment minister, said that immigration is causing Britain’s population to increase by the size of the city of Birmingham every two years.

He said that while immigrants make a positive contribution to the economy, it is “a lot less than people think”.

He said that the levels of immigration must be questioned at a time when public spending is facing huge cuts.

He told the Today programme on BBC Radio 4: ““If you look at now the rate of increase in population then every two and a half years with people coming in for the first time and with the children of people who have arrived here for the immigrant community, we are actually increasing our population faster than the whole size of Birmingham.

“Yet there’s no plans for increasing housing or places in schools on schools or place in the NHS, at a time when we will, in the next parliament, will have to make cuts, greater than the cuts actually made in this parliament.

“That is the underlying theme to politics which if we as politicians continue to ignore what is going on is obviously going to become very nasty.”

He said that it would be “foolish” to say that immigrants do no make a positive contribution to the economy, but added: “The dispute is actually how big that contribution is because quite naturally people who come here to work draw the proceeds of work.

“What is actually left over in their contribution to the wider community is a lot less I think that actually people maintain. But I don’t actually think it is a question about that anymore.”


I haven’t pulled any punches. have I ?



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