And So It Goes…#561

The trouble with ” moral outrage ” is that you need to identify who in fact is generating it and what the supposed object of the ” outrage ” is.  People suffering  Hunger ; that’s a good one to start with. In conditions more shocking than can be seen in Congolese refugee camps ; wow,that’s another one. Let’s complete the picture ; The Church of England and two of the three largest parties in parliament all agree on the aforementioned. Blimey, it’s serious after all. The Daily ten plagues Mail asserts its usual place in the media ruck and maul of such issues with :-

” The all-party Commons group on hunger warned that some parents spend far too much money on cigarettes, alcohol, takeaways and other ‘non-essential items of expenditure’ because they lack basic budgeting skills.

Many more cannot cook even the simplest meals for their children – leaving them to go hungry.

The MPs call upon teachers to do more to report parents from chaotic households so they can receive help from ‘troubled families’ units.

However, they conclude: ‘We should not leave the duty resting with schools. Parents have duties, and these duties are not abated by the chaos resulting from their lifestyle.’

The report, Feeding Britain, is released today. Chaired by Labour MP Frank Field, the all-party group calls for:

  • A new publicly funded body, also to be called Feeding Britain, to work towards a ‘hunger-free’ UK with the help of eight Cabinet ministers;
  • Bigger food banks to distribute more free food, and advise how to claim benefits and make ends meet;
  • A rise in the minimum wage, and the provision of free school meals to children even during school holidays;
  • New measures to make it harder to withhold benefits, including ‘yellow cards’ instead of outright bans; and
  • A request from the Government for food bank funding from Brussels.

As a Christian,revolutionary activist and campaigner I argue that it would be politically counter-productive and socially regressive to implement any single one of the five bullet points mentioned above.For in truth there is no food crisis ,there are no shortages.No-one is starving in Britain.Lost in their own little Narnia-worlds of soon-to-be-nice to one another again; heretics and traitors to the Reformation and heretics and traitors to the cause of Organised Labour are trying belatedly to save ,not the masses from further suffering,but rather the Ruling Elites from their own hubrisitc follies that have brought us all to the edge of something rather wonderful and exciting;not seen in this country or in Europe properly since the 1640’s.
They act and posture naively , as if all of this has nothing at all to do with the inexorable logic of  the immutable historic Laws governing the accumulation and centralisation of Capital and the attendant and necessary socio-economic developments that accompany such remorseless economic Laws. The point of the global system of Usurer-Capitalism is the continuing,unabated and increasing exploitation and pauperisation of the mass of the proletariat and sub-proletariat as a natural consequence of the inherent and intrinsically dysfunctional division of wealth and appropriation thereof by the 1% Ruling Elites. Their sole purpose of all of this, is for their own self-gratification and self-aggrandisement ;the fulfilment of their immutable historic destiny of the 1% ; to utterly consume as much of  the planet’s wealth irrespective of any implied social/humanitarian cost to the 99 % and the state of the planet itself. The point of exploitation is,as Orwell pointed out, exploitation.


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