And So It Goes…#564

Being a bourgeois liberal capitalist democracy is sooo hard these days. With supposedly centuries of moral/philosophical ,cultural and historic attainments to claim and boast about and include in the usual kind of sovereign nation-state story ;life becomes terribly complex. Some kind of innate superiority , a fatuous reassertion of inherent manifest destiny tends over time ( and we are talking centuries ) to wear more than a little thin. No-one and nothing is actually inherently ,innately ,ab initio superior or predestined for greatness. Time for the delusional,genocidally conceived U.S.of A. to shut up and sit down.Time for Japan and China to do likewise. Germany,France,Australia,Canada,tinpot England , for example need to start taking their meds. To torture or not to torture,that is the question and whether it is more squalid to the mind to then lie about it afterwards. Might is Right. But then the Mighty want to put on their Sunday best apparel and go and visit friends,relations and their vague notion of whoever it is they fantasise about having created the world in the first place. And that gentlemen simply will not do. And they know it. And yet they bestride this tiny speck as if they owned the place. Oh well , their problem; not ours and certainly not mine.


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