And So It Goes…#565

The trouble with lying ,cheating ,dissimulating and engaging in endless hypocrisy is that it all rather tends to catch up with you in the end. The British Labour Party is an indisputable monument to the grotesque ineptitude and snivelling ,servile conformity that is so emblematic of britsh politics ,philosophy and society. The Labour Party has lied ,cheated and dissimulated for well over a Century and shows not the slightest glimmer of an intention to do otherwise in the forseeable future. And why should it ? In the menagerie of spivs ,charlatans and ponces that dares to still call itself a functioning Parliament , all parties are equal before their actual and real Masters ;the Usurer-Capitalist Rung Elites. The only,minor technical difficulty which they face  comes in pulling off this on-going confidence trick of legitimacy is that ,well they actually need and require that the 99% cast a legitimate ballot every so often in what they choose to describe as ” elections “.Bummer. In the meantime actual policy differences ,predicated on genuine ideological differences and motives become themselves entangled in this largely phoney pantomime. Take inner- European Union migration; by any sober assessment an incalculably cataclysmic disaster. Not so for dear old labour – the ultimate betrayers of the hopes and aspirations of the proletariat.

” Labour MPs have been secretly ordered not to campaign on immigration because doing so could cost them the next election, the Daily Telegraph can reveal.

A private strategy document circulated by Labour HQ and seen by this newspaper warns that the bigger immigration becomes as a campaign issue the more votes the party will lose.

MPs are told to focus on “moving the conversation on” if voters express concerns about border controls to topics Labour is stronger on such as healthcare or housing.

They are also urged not to send leaflets on immigration to all voters because it could be “unhelpful” and “risks undermining the broad coalition of support we need to return to government”.

The revelations are a major embarrassment for Ed Miliband, who is expected tell voters Labour understands their immigration concerns and harden the party’s stance on cheap foreign workers in a major speech on Monday.

The 33-page document, entitled “Campaigning against Ukip”, was produced by the Labour Party and recently distributed to dozens of MPs in danger of losing votes to Ukip alongside detailed constituency maps pinpointing where possible defectors can be found.

The guidance, which was never meant to be made public, shows for the first time the party leadership has accepted Ukip is seriously hurting them in the North and reveals in remarkable detail Labour’s entire election strategy for countering the threat.

Strategists admit some working class Labour voters “feel that the party has left them behind in pursuit of better-educated, middle-class, white-collar voters” and warn that its traditional stronghold in “coalfield communities” is now under threat. ”

The supreme irony being of course that it really was Labour ,the party of organised labour  and not the Tories ,that shoved the knife into the Coalfields while their back was turned.


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