And So It Goes…#571

This just about sums up austerity-ridden,formerly “Great” Britain under the yoke of  the Usurer-Capitalist tyranny of a Phalangist Regime…Happy New year !!


Britain goes back to the STEAM AGE: King’s Cross reopens after day of travel chaos only for crammed trains to be held outside while workmen use flags to guide them in because of signal failure

  • Chaos continued at King’s Cross station with trains delayed on arrival
  • Services were held at Finsbury Park five minutes away for up to an hour
  • Passengers complained on social media about signal failure delays 
  • Engineers used red and yellow flags to wave trains in and out of station 
  • Elsewhere passengers were forced to stand in train aisles for five hours
  • Yesterday overrunning engineering forced busy London station to close
  • The disruption is to be investigated by the Office for Rail Regulation  

Doubleplusgood !


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