And So It Goes…#576

1606293_838809559513462_6964530058499409809_oIn the spirit of savage ,take-no-prisoners,uncompromising,idealistic satire which apparently ” Charlie Hebdo ” were really prepared to die for in order to promote and defend a la Voltaire and have indeed died for ;herewith my critique. The murders were all for nothing. Realpolitik and geopolitics and Western Imperialism and neoliberal economics have not been affected in the slightest. Besides which,the cataclysmic events ( later fictionalised and mythologised and sanitised ) that came to be the ” French Revolution ” achieved not all that much.The supposed ideals of liberty,equality and fraternity still plague Society today with their vainglorious atheistic impostures. Indolent Conservatives and vapid liberals and their idiot Socialist cousins still wag the finger at each other as if this Grand Petomaines performance really mattered a damn. The point of torture is torture ,as Orwell patiently reminded us. If the footling West with all its slapdash,incompetent barreling around trying to act tough actually wanted to finally wipe the Pagan-goddess worshippers of the Daughters of “allah” from History,they could have done so decades ago. There will be no global Umma ( wasn’t that an early Pink Floyd album ? ) Sharia is garbage and the object of Charlie’s infantile scribbled diatribes was an illiterate ,posturing schizophrenic paedophile,seriously ;they ain’t about to convert anyone who doesn’t deserve to have their DNA extinguished from the Planet’s surface. The trouble with Empires,real Empires mind,is that once they get soft and indulgent and lazy and give up on trying to maintain what has become an extended Installation Art Performance,is that something,someone takes their place. Pity then that Front National are not the government to issue a proper course of retribution,pity the grotesque stupidity of the elites who bartered our freedoms for that stupendous mess of gruel doled out by the multi-culti  Eu-thanised -ropean Union. But hey ! what’s not to like and celebrate and mythologise ? Charlie Hebdo could be the real life embodiment of Stieg Larsson’s ” Millenium “. The titles would have to altered though ,to something akin to ” The Idiots who played with Fire” and ” The Idiots who got Shot after Kicking the Hornets Nest “.



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