And So It Goes…#582

Does propaganda work ? are oppositional press-releases ever effective ? I’m campaigning against Zero Hours Contracts .They are Feudal throwbacks and ought to be abolished forthwith. I have been on the receiving end of these iniquitous,reactionary ” contracts ” ; most recently via the UK’s fourth largest retialer,Morrisons Supermarkets. Morrisons along with their rivals Tesco and Sainsburys have experienced a relative decline in their market share and value on the Stock market.Boo-effing-hoo. Morrisons are headquarted in the dystopian Yorkshire city of Bradford and are therefore BIG news in regional media,i.e. The magisterial Yorkshire Post. Herewith my correspondence ( emailed on 14 Jan. ) more background stories on my facebook pages Occupy Yorkshire and Protest Against Zero Hours.

January 19: Morrisons’ predicament was obvious

From: Louis Kasatkin, Pinderfields Road, Wakefield.

I AM somewhat taken aback by the “gasp, shock horror” response that has accompanied the disastrous end of year results posted by Morrisons (The Yorkshire Post, January 14). Why was anyone even the slightest bit surprised? Or was it more of a question of no one in the know actually bothering to keep their eye on the ball?

Back in September, I was set on by a local employment agency as a warehouse operative at Morrisons Junction 41 Distribution Centre. I was guaranteed that this was not a zero hours contract and that in any event I would be guaranteed three shifts per week and in practice would be working five most weeks.

After four weeks, the agency I had signed up with began cancelling my shifts on a daily basis. The senior manager emphatically denied that there was any drop-off in business, and it was a matter between my agency and me regarding the numbers of shifts. Clearly one of them was not telling the truth. Either business volumes at the distribution centre were low or I was being fobbed off. Well, we all know now, don’t we?



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