And So It Goes…#585



Greek election leaves Eurozone in crisis: Far Left sweeps to victory with vow to end austerity years as EU braces for ‘catastrophe’

  • Radical Syriza soars ahead of ruling New Democracy with 149 seats – just short of 151 it needs to rule outright 
  • PM Antonis Samaras conceded defeat after warning of ‘catastrophe’, adding: ‘The Greek people have spoken’
  • Syriza’s leader, aged just 40, promised to ‘restore the country’s lost dignity’ and ‘clash with old establishments’
  • Alexis Tsipras is now preparing for coalition talks with anti-bailout ally, the right-wing Independent Greeks party

And that’s how the Daily Usurer/Capitalist Supporting Mail has reacted as indeed the servile toadies of Oppression and Tyranny always react to any thing remotely liberating and emancipating. For only THEY have the immutable,allegedly “god” given Right to govern,to make pronouncements,to oppress,to exploit,to use persecute the marginalised. The really good news is that God is not on THEIR side,never was ,never will be. If THEY are not sharing “their” wealth then they are stealing. Good night and good luck all Usurers and capitalists,I’m sure you’ll be able to impress HIM with all your Works. Schadenfreude where is thy sting ?


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