And So It Goes…#586

Sometimes we all need to restate some ” immutable ” truths. The ,I hold these ” truths ” to be self-evident kind of thing. The current ,on-going and indeed seemingly endless/recurring global economic recession/series of interlinked and mutually reinforcing financial and economic crises were engineered and consciously triggered by the Ruling Elites and their variegated banking and financial agencies. It really is THEIR crisis.The almost universal application and enforcement of Austerity programmes across the developed/industrialised democracies is the actual working out of those pre-set,predetermined aims. As George Orwell wrote in  ” 1984 ” ,the point of the revolution is to establish a dictatorship,etc. The ” point ” of all this voodoo-economics as practised by neoliberal ideologues is to further marginalise ,exploit and oppress  ever greater numbers in what the Ruling Elites obviously regard as the sub-strata of Human society ,i.e. the 99% who exist in contradistinction to the 1%. And as Karl Marx ,  ( no doubt amongst many others who preceded him many Centuries before he made his appearance upon the stage) stated  something along the lines of, ” Heretofore Philosophers have only sought to understand Human society,the point though is to change it “. Long Live SYRIZA ,ZITO SYRIZA.  May we too share in that new dawn of theirs !


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