And So It Goes…#588

Amid the persiflage that passes for moral / philosophical discourse in the Western world nowadays , one occasionally encounters drollery of the most exquisite mordant kind. Herewith appended,a quasi-moralistic divertissement gleaned from the Usurer-Capitalist/Oligarch supporting Daily Torygraph.

By Telegraph Reporter

7:08PM GMT 30 Jan 2015

 A conman who masterminded a £5.5 million fraud to fund his playboy lifestyle has been jailed for seven years.

Alex Hope, 26, a former catering manager at Wembley Stadium, posed as a City financier to create a multi-million Ponzi scheme to fund his gambling habits.

He also used his corrupt gains to lavish tens of thousands of pounds on champagne at exclusive nightclubs.

Hope even splashed out £70,000 on his own birthday party.

He was jailed at Southwark Crown Court today along with his accomplice Raj Von Badlo, 57, who had previously pleaded guilty to enticing people into the fraud.

Judge Deborah Taylor condemned his “greed”.

Hope lied about being a City trader with a six figure salary and about having experience in spread betting and foreign exchange trading.

Judge Taylor told Hope: “You were self-taught, which is true, but you lied about the results.

“Your remarkable claims about your ability and success were taken at face value. They liked and trusted you.”

She said he told “plausible lies” and faked documents showing massive gains instead of massive losses when his investors questioned him.

These helped “build the myth” and encouraged investors to get on the “bandwagon”

And so it goes… a lying,cheating,stealing,two-faced,amoral financial swindler who exploited the naivety /credulity of a host of willing clients for personal profit without compunction or thought for the wider consequences of his behaviour. Had immutable logic anything to do with it ,ALL  Bankers,financiers and capitalists in general would have to be arraigned before the Criminal Courts,tried,convicted and imprisoned.If not,and of course it will never be,then the aforementioned article is lamentably spurious hypocrisy.


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