And So It Goes…#593

It appears ,as of 11.00 GMT,Thursday 12 February 2015 ,that the Western Imperialist powers under the Command of the USA have finally waivered in their hysterical and dangerously psychotic war-mongering posture over the Ukrainian Crisis-which they themselves engendered,promoted and intensified, and have opted instead to return to something approaching rational,restrained behaviour amongst the international Global community. Naturally the Corporate,Usurer/Capitalist Media is couching this unexpected boon for the rest of mankind as a climbdown/compromise/retreat etcetera by the Russian Government. It’s enough to make Herr Josef Goebbels puke.  The increasingly,dysfunctional,deluded neocon psychopaths and imperialist warmongers in Washington and its various EU satrapies came into contact with Humanitarian Realpolitik and the inexorable,unstoppable march of Militant Islam and they decided that Nuking Moscow wasn’t perhaps the smartest thing to be doing right now over a dispute regarding a few turnip fields east of Kiev. Schadenfreude,schadenfreude; Obama and Cameron’s little tin soldiers have to be put back into the toy cupboard. USEUNATO,YOU LOST !!!


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