And So It Goes…#595

Sir – It is plainly obvious that in general, the mainstream media and  the major political parties are choosing to neglect the burning issue around Zero Hours Contracts. Of all the inhumanity and injustices being visited upon the electorate during this seemingly unending period of government-induced  Austerity , ,Zero Hours Contracts and their proliferation as supported by the major parties is perhaps the most invidious and discriminatory example of the general inhumanity and injustice destroying our Society here in 21st.century Britain. Capitalism ,aka “the free market” as an economic system is already moribund and wholly incapable of any meaningful recovery.30 million “officially” unemployed across the equally moribund and useless European Union bear daily testimony to that. Zero Hours Contracts as operated by wholly unaccountable private staffing agencies in collusion with the major employers which they supply with casualised,minimum-waged labour is a blight on Society and should not enjoy the protection of the Law let alone the support and indulgence of the organised Trades Union and Labour movement. Zero Hours Contracts are intrinsically a desperate and insidiously amoral strategy designed to maximise the impoverishment and destitution of those increasing numbers of people becoming dependent upon them. terms and conditions of employment which would once have been deemed unacceptable in the Third world are now the norm in our country. When Slavery was the economic issue of the day 200 years ago,tinkering with it and appeasing the slave owners in industry did not get slavery abolished. Neither will tinkering with Zero Hours Contracts nor schmoozing with the rapacious profiteering staffing agencies rid us of this present day social evil.

( emailed  16 local and regional newspapers and the office of Mary Creagh MP..see who responds ! )

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