And So it Goes…#596

Back in 1970 ,a sovereign nation state democratically elected a leftist/populist government which promised to favour the ordinary working clases and implement social and economic policies accordingly. Three years later  that government was removed in a bloody and violent  US-backed Military Coup d’etat .Thousands were murdered,imprisoned and tortured or forced into exile. The place was Chile and the Leader of the Popular Unity government was President Salvador Allende. That is how until fairly recently the Ruling Elites of the Global Usurer/Capitalist system dealt with obstinate political movements that threatened to get in the way of the on-going Ruling elites’  global programme of exploitation,expropriation and self-enrichment. How ironic is it therefore ,that a recently democratically elected leftist/populist movement is now the de facto spearhead of a growing and increasingly self-confident and self-assured globalising movement against the implementation of the self-same Ruling Elites’ Universal Austerity. Much to the disdain and ire of the likes of the US and the EU and its satrapies, they cannot get away nowadays with  engineering local military Coups and the mass murder of oppositional movements and the imprisonment and torture of their opponents much as they’d like to and in the case of the US never gives up trying to do. ZITO SYRIZA ! is a paralell slogan to that of the Chliean popular Unity’s – VENCEREMOS ! Ambrose Evans-Pritchard,the Daily Torygraph’s perspicacious Finance guru highlights the present dilemma encountered by the Ruling Detritus’ Austerity for Europe Regional Programme. Gleaned from AEP’s 16 February column :-

” Greece is on a collision course with the eurozone’s creditor powers after emergency talks ended in acrimony on Monday night, triggering the most serious political crisis since the launch of the euro.

The Leftist Syriza government reacted with fury to eurozone demands that it must stick to the country’s discredited austerity plan, describing the draft text as “absurd and unacceptable”.

Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek finance minister, said Eurogroup finance ministers had ignored a deal already agreed with the European Commission for a four-month delay and a “new contract for growth”, returning instead to old demands. “The only way to solve Greece is to treat us like equals; not a debt colony,” he said, predicting that EU authorities would soon have to withdraw their latest “ultimatum”.

Mr Varoukais said Syriza had won a landslide vowing to overthrow the EU-IMF troika memorandum and could not betray Greek democracy. “It would be an act of subterfuge to promise our partners that we will complete a programme we were elected to challenge.”  ”

We really do have nothing to lose but our chains…..

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