And So It Goes…#598

There’s a bit of a ” flap ” on at the present time in the British media at large. The gist of the story,is that three teenaged Muslim girls absconded from their family home in London and have made their own way to Syria. The reason for this teenage act of rebellion against parental authority,is that ,it seems they’ve been ” ” radicalised ” and therefore unduly influenced to go and join ISIS/ISIL. Quite what role or purpose they envisage themselves to have in this US/NATO engineered ,and now rogue insurgent movement,is to say the least incomprehensible. And yet Chief Toilet Attendant Cameron has seen fit to inveigh against schools and colleges ,calling on them that they ” must ” do more to combat and deal with this sort of indoctrination of teenagers;presumably those who come from a Muslim background. The question is why does the State and its Police Forces presume that institutions of learning are somehow connected to or have a defined role to fulfill in maintaining the security of the State ? So people get radicalised-whatever that’s supposed to mean or allude to , so what ? After all one person’s radicalisation maybe another person’s normative and rational philosophical and ideological standpoint. Why is ( and it is highly debatable ) a simplistic and uncritical acceptance and adherence to any one ideology/philosophy/religion intrinsically dangerous or unacceptable ? this really is faffing about by the Ruling Elites their political class and the Commentariat. Call an enemy alien an enemy alien and have done with it.Open up internment camps ,arrest all UK citizens who go to bear arms or otherwise volunteer to assist for anyone other than Her Majesty on a charge of treason. Anything but this interminable whining and pseudo-sociological drivel of countering the propaganda of the enemy. better still,ignore it and go totally libertarian. Why not ?

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