And So It Goes…#600

The trouble with sabre-rattling is that there had better be something in the scabbard to draw on when challenged. The other trouble is that the Chief Toilet Attendant of the EU Province of Yu-Kay,David Cameron  has gorged himself on the delusion of easy victories over intrinsically feeble enemies. On 25 February British Squaddies took part in an Estonian military parade in the predominantly ethnic Russian town of Narva, which as reported in the media is 300 yards from the Russian border.US .Polish  and Dutch troops also took part.Quite candidly  NATO really are behaving as if  they are f****n insane. Estonia,Latvia and Lithuania – the 3 stooges of US &EU warmongers caught up in The Pentagon’s war game theories and histrionic exercises as if Russia were the dot above the letter ” i ” in the word “shit “. You can feel the Squaddies’ PTSD coming on from here.Against The Red Army..? they and their delude generals  stand no chance whatsoever even with a pre-emptive strike.Especially not with the Yanks next to them-who are only good on rooftops at 1000 yards. As for the rest of EUNATO ;they’re a motley bunch of makeweights lacking martial discipline,commitment and the warrior ethos.The Dutch do ” Runaway and hide ” par excellence ; Srebrenica..Srebrenica. The Germans ought not to be allowed even water-pistols given their historic and habitual offending behaviour. The French care only about France. But pity poor old Tommy Atkins who clearly has learnt nothing from his grandfathers and great grandfathers. Genocide ,Conquest,Colonisation and Slavery got them where they find themselves today , the wrong end of History ;they sowed the Wind and now they can prepare to reap the whirlwind.11001841_862881430439608_4776947796926522109_n

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