And So It Goes…#601

Well now ,this doesn’t happen every day. a Senior member/initiate of the Britsh-domiciled Ruling Elite expounds at length live on air.Sir John Sawers,until recently Chief of M.I.6 did so on BBC Radio 4 this morning,Saturday 28 February. He at least,from amongst all the revisionist/nostalgic pseud-Cold war rhetoric spouted in the last few years,seems to be able to able to proverbially distinguish his arse from his elbow. The following gleaned from the BBC website.

Russia has become a danger to Britain and the country must be prepared to take steps to defend itself and its allies, the former head of MI6 says.

Sir John Sawers, who recently retired after five years as chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that Russia poses a “state to state threat”.

Sir John said dealing with such threats would require more defence spending.

But he called on issues with Russia to be addressed by “increased dialogue”.

He said he was disappointed how, after the end of the Cold War, Russia’s and Europe’s paths had failed to converge.

Russia’s threat was “not necessarily directly to the UK but to countries around its periphery”.

“[Russia] keep on reminding us that they have nuclear weapons,” he said.

“The one level in which Russia and America are equals is at the nuclear level.

“Now we don’t want to have a repeat of the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 where we got to the brink of nuclear war.

“We need to be able to address this through increased dialogue.”

‘Multi-polar world’

His comments come after a year of fighting in eastern Ukraine between government forces and pro-Russian separatists.

“We shouldn’t kid ourselves that Russia is on a path to democracy because it isn’t,” Sir John said.

“One of the aspects of the modern world is that we live in a much more dangerous world these days.

“The stability that we had during the Cold War, or the predominance of the West that we had in the decade or two after the Cold War – that is now changing.”

Ah, the aroma of coffee on a morning !


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