And So It Goes…#602

Here’s where we are at the present moment….The worst economic recession ( brilliantly engineered ,by the way,congrats to the Anti-Christ Usurer-Capitalist Elites ..) of the last 100 years  with an almost universal strategy of authoritarian Austerity measures implemented across the industrialised world against the already economically and socially marginalised and powerless. Wherever you look  , ” Sanctions ” and compulsory workfare schemes are the two most prominent tools favoured by the Welfare Bureaucracies to further punish ,demoralise and dehumanise all those who , in their view ,have the moral temerity to find themselves in need of some form of publicly funded assistance. The point , as George Orwell once similarly made , of inflicting suffering is to bring about suffering. In this one respect ,the Usurer,Anti-Christian ,Capitalist Elites have succeeded beyond the dreams of sadists. And of course they have been exploiting their own engineered crisis and all its attendant suffering as just one more opportunity to make even greater profits and thereby pauperise and socially exptirpate even greater numbers of the 99% Untermenschen who happen to co-exist on what clearly is the Rightful domicile of the 1% only ;Planet Earth PLC.  Human beings are being systematically subjected to ideological and “moral” evaluation with respect to their proficiency at ” job hunting “. The Authorities interpret with Kafka-esque sang-froid when it becomes necessary for said supplicants to be SANCTIONED and therefore deprived of even the inadequate pittance they are in receipt of. Even though the Jobs they are ” hunting” for have no actual material existence. Even in fair Australia,officially there are some 780.000 jobless  ” chasing ” some 150,000 vacancies at any one time in theory. This is what ABC in Australia uncovered in an investigation just over a week ago.

Unemployment in Australia is at its highest in 12 years. The Government’s solution is an innovative billion-dollar scheme called Jobs Services Australia. But the initiative is failing.

Now, a Four Corners investigation shows how the scheme is being manipulated and, at times, systematically exploited. Reporter Linton Besser reveals the corruption at the heart of the program aimed at helping some of this country’s most vulnerable people.

He travels to suburbs where unemployment is a way of life. He meets Kym, struggling to find work and pull her daughter out of a cycle of poverty.

There to help are private and not-for-profit job agencies, paid by the Government to help find work for Kym and others like her. These agencies have blossomed thanks to the privatisation of the Commonwealth Employment Service in 1998, and are thriving on contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Unemployment is now big business in Australia. Each year the Government spends about $1.3 billion on its welfare to work scheme.

But what happens when there are simply not enough jobs to go around?

What Four Corners discovers is a system open to abuse where the unemployed have become a commodity. Some agencies bend the rules, others break them.

“I would say about 80 percent of claims that come through have some sort of manipulation on them.” – Agency whistleblower

Four Corners goes inside the industry, finding shocking evidence of fraud, manipulation, falsified paperwork, and the recycling of the unemployed through temporary jobs.

Hours are bumped up, wages are inflated, and in many cases, vital evidence to support claims from the taxpayer appears to have been falsified. One former jobseeker tells Four Corners her paperwork appears to have been completely forged.

In recent years Government checks have forced some companies to pay back millions of dollars, but few are sanctioned. Former job agency employees say crucial internal records are adjusted in preparation for government audits.

“That, I guess, caused alarm bells for me… Claims that have been claimed, signatures that weren’t on them, and we were sort of told, you know, if the signature’s not on it, get it any way that you can.” – Former job agency employee

As the nation grapples with rising unemployment, Four Corners raises uncomfortable questions about the charities and profit-takers making a buck from Australia’s jobless.


The exact same fraud,corruption,maltreatment of welfare claimants and political and institutional collusion with Private contractors and Jobs agencies is alive and proliferating here in the UK.


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