And So It Goes…#603

Keeping one’s sense of humour is terribly important in times like these. Makes one stop from reaching for the AK-47. Of course it alters nothing.The point,after all ,of inflicting suffering is to inflict suffering. Still,here,without further ado,is my nomination for Best Recently Discovered Monty Python Sketch :- ( As gleaned from yesterday’s Daily-Extirpate the Socio-economically Unfit-Mail . Alternately this is an abstract from the original minutes of the 1942 Wannsee Conference.

Tories must not look like we want to punish people on benefits, says IDS with warning against ‘finger wagging’ at the poor

  • Work and Pensions Secretary urges Tories to have upbeat pitch to voters
  • Warns Conservatives have addressed the poor with ‘fingers wagging’ 
  • Election message must be about more than tax, immigration and crime
  • Tories must show purpose is not to punish but transform lives, he says 
  • Skills minister Nick Boles warns of ‘inhuman inflexibility’ of sanctions



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