And So It Goes…#605

Here’s a curious thing. On March 6 ,Jeremy Warner posted this in his column in the Daily Telegraph.

” The fall in productivity might have something to do with an apparently inexhaustible supply of cheap workers from mass immigration.Employers have chosen cheap and easy-to-get-rid-of man hours over the capital costs of investment “.

Well, not really all that curious after all.That’s capitalists for you,especially the Retards running what’s left of British-based industry.Their particular history is one long chapter of chronic under-investment.¬†Immigration is merely the mechanism ,in practice, of supplying a labour force surplus to actual requirements.It inevitably reduces the local price of labour and creates and maintains a surplus army of labour which in turn reinforces the reduction in the general level of wages for decades.Mass immigration therefore has by its own capitalist logic been and continues to be a marvelous success story. Only not for the 99% of us who have been on the receiving end of this megalomaniac social engineering project of the EU.Why the ” left” continue to support unrestricted mass immigration and treats these additional workers as somehow especially reverent,whether from inside the EU or not,remains a mystery only they can possibly explain. Meanwhile back in the boardroom…


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