And So It Goes…#606

Sometimes it’s just worth repeating what Peter Hitchens says in his Mail on Sunday column.In a trice he sums up the current situation with an alacrity so desperately lacking elsewhere in the receding landscape of forthright journalism.Gleaned from his March 6 2015 column :-

” The crevasse between people and politicians is matched by a bottomless chasm between official figures and the truth about life in modern Britain.

Like all ruling castes in the grip of dogma, the Government responds to trouble by pretending it doesn’t exist.

There’s an economic boom that leaves most people feeling poorer, and lots of new jobs that turn out to be empty self-employment.

There’s a massacre of unborn babies that conceals the utter collapse of sexual restraint and responsibility. Even the dwindling marriage figures are artificially boosted by people faking wedlock to get citizenship.

There are schools whose victims walk away dazed after 11 years in full-time ‘education’, barely able to read or count the sheaves of alleged qualifications with which they have been issued.

Some of them are then persuaded to go deep into debt to attend grandiose ‘universities’ which will at least keep them out of the jobless figures for another three years.

And then there’s crime. The simplest way to reduce this is to decide that lots of crimes aren’t crimes any more, so the police stop trying to prevent them and they become normal.Then, you fiddle the figures – until the fiddles are exposed.

Now, a new form of deception is being employed. It is called ‘Out Of Court Disposal’, and it’s just a way of magically making crime disappear by not doing anything to the people who commit it.

In some police areas almost half of crimes are dealt with in this way. The lowest figure is 26 per cent – a minimum of a quarter of all reported crime, swept under the carpet and unpunished, throughout the country.

Generally that means the transgressor gets a ‘caution’ or some other vacuous non-penalty. More than 7,000 of the offences written off in this offhand way last year involved violence. There were 82 robberies and 20 rapes.  “

 And so it goes…….


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